just dodged about 7 zombies while on my way back from class. Here's the skinny:

It was 12:50pm, I was recently released from my Biology class, which is located in the center of campus, in the biggest lecture hall. I needed to go the the Student center, located across the plaza. It was the time in-between class when everyone is headed somewhere, but I had a pressing matter to attend to. Against my better judgment, I drew my Maverick nerf blaster and headed straight fot the throng of people. It was then that I realized there were more people than usual, there was some sort of event in the middle of the plaza, causing a thick crowd of people to form around some guys with microphones. "Oh great. I'm screwed." I thought. I decided it best to go around the outside, to the right of the mob, but I knew that I was headed right into a trap. It was perfect: The mob was too thick to maneuver through, and there were most certainly zombies already in the mob, waiting. And there was a bottlekneck between the mob and the buildings, with plenty of pedestrians to get in my way. No longer had I finished analyzing this than I noticed a zombie casually approaching from behind. "Screw it!" I bolted. I hugged the mob, and from my right they charged. 4 of them, with several more close behind. While on the run, I took out the closest one at about 6' from me, then did a nice quick follow-up shot, and nailed the second one dead center. The third one I hit in the leg, and the fourth one I missed, but was quick to finish him off as he slowed down to avoid my wide dart. I had one dart left in my gun, I did not look back to see if there were others. I knew I had to get out of there, and fast! I sprinted for the safety of the student center, nearly colliding with a girl who was just on her way inside. I made it! Oh, the relief was tangible. I looked back outside to see a small group of disappointed and bewildered zombies looking at me. I suppose they did not expect me to be so quick and agile :)

Looking back on it, I must have been quite impressive; Dodging pedestrians, jumping knee-high walls, all the while blasting zombies! What fun! Needless to say, I am perfectly content if I never see another zombie for the rest of the game. The less conflict, the better. But I will not hesitate to blast any zombie who dares come too close. I have named my Nerf Maverick "Grimaldo", meaning Strong Protector, or something like that. I now have 6 confirmed kills with Grim, and I have only fired about 8 darts total at zombies. I still have yet to use my other gun, Aizia, a Nerf Nightfinder, I hope I never have to.

With that being said, I should tell of my experience with the dragon community. I finally figured out how to use IRC, and have been conversing with a few members of the Draconic IRC. It has been fun, opening up new doors into whole worlds of communication, each with their own style and stuff. I have also finally figured out the Alfandria.net MUCK. I have yet to explore it, but so far it seems promising enough, kinda confusing though. Ah well, it will give me something else to distract me from my schoolwork ;)

The day is not yet over, I still have 2 more classes to go to, I should leave in about 45mins for my 3pm class. The first quarter of every hour is the time of day when most zombies are in class, so it is safest. Wish me luck!


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